The IQ335 Caller ID telephone is a high quality PABX or Direct Line business telephone. As well as offering visual message waiting indication in both environments it boasts a high-quality speakerphone and soft-programmable network feature keys. The built-in headset amplifier suits many headset models, allowing a wide choice of headset types to suit personal tastes. With a Caller ID name/number display, 120 name/number memories, missed calls indicator and genuine five (5) year parts and labour warranty, the IQ335 is a great product for the busy office or home.


  • Headset support suits many headset models from many different vendors
  • 120 name and number memories, 20 of which appear on shortcut keys
  • Caller ID Display with on screen message waiting (suits some systems)
  • Compatible with Cisco's message signal
  • Pre-programmable memories to store network feature codes
  • Acoustic Shock Protection for Headset and Handset
  • Volume Control for Headset and Handset earpiece
  • Five (5) year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Supports caller ID Call Waiting (CIDCW)
  • 80 name and number incoming Caller List
  • Hearing Aid compatible
  • Data Port
  • Wall Mountable - see IQWK4
  • Suits Business, SOHO and Domestic applications
  • Optional Mute or Push-to-talk Handset

"Headset Savvy" Features

  • Mute Key for Headset microphone
  • Trainee/Supervisor "Double Jacking" mode
  • Headset mic adjustment allows any Headset mic type
  • Headset Cable Polarity Switch suits any Headset cord
  • Auto detect circuitry disables Handsfree when Headset is in use
  • Built in Headset amplifier suits a wide range of Headset types
  • Change between Headset, Handsfree and Handset modes during a call
  • "Silent Ringing" mode selectable so that incoming calls ring only in the Headset to reduce office noise

Interquartz IQ335 Headset Telephone

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