The Agent 700 heavy duty headset offers superb
sound quality. With a noise cancelling feature, it is
ideal for use in a noisy call centres as it allows you
to concentrate fully on the caller. The single earpiece
means you can still confer with colleagues whilst
you're wearing it, and the headset's foam ear
cushion and adjustable headband ensures maximum
personal comfort. The microphone rotation design
means you can wear the Agent 700 comfortably on
either the right or the left side.

• Heavy duty office/call centre headset
• Single earpiece
• Crisp clear sound
• Robust construction
• Adjustable microphone boom
• 270 degree rotation microphone
• Adjustable headband and t-bar
• Acoustic shock protection for receiver
• Anti-static shock for microphone
• Spare foam ear cushion(s) and voice tube included
• Clothing clip
• Headset hook
• 2 year repair/replace warranty
• CE approved

Agent 700 Monaural Noise Cancelling Headset

SKU: Agent700